EXCELSIOR - CD - Reviews
Metalliluola - 26.4.2016
"Suosittelen Mad Hatter’s Denin Excelsioria kaikille varsinkin fantasiaan kallellaan oleville metallifaneille. Melodisen metallin ystävälle tämä on ehdottomasti kannattava tuttavuus."
SCORE: 8/10
Dangerdog Music Reviews - 25.4.2016
"They continue to play melodic heavy metal with a strong twin guitar presence embellished by copious amounts of synths. But they've added more breadth and depth to their sound by bumping up the symphonic element, adding more power metal thunder, and dropping in some prog metal nuances. Frankly, I like the band's direction. It's shows maturity in musicianship and song composition."
SCORE: 5/5
SOUNDSCAPE - 4.4.2016
"Mad Hatter’s Den have done it again with Excelsior – this is a band that’s on top of their game right now and it’s surely only a matter of time before they make it big."
SCORE: 9/10
Metal.De - 8.4.2016
"Immerhin ist "Excelsior" trotz allem ein solides Power-Metal-Album, das seiner hervorragenden Produktion gut hörbar ist. Es wird MAD HATTER'S DEN sicher nicht in den Olymp des Power Metal katapultieren, aber es hat alles, was ein solches Album braucht: große Melodien und große Refrains. Beim nächsten Mal darf es aber gerne noch etwas mehr als das sein."
SCORE: 6/10
Justin Hulford - 2.4.2016
"If you like modern melodic metal stuffed with a lot more, grab this and make your own judgements"
SCORE: 18/20
Taste Of Khaos - 24.3.2016
"Excelsior is a must hear if you want a mix of symphonic metal mixed with the shredding headbanging guitars, and who doesn't? The last track, "Not of This World" may end the album, but makes you want to dive down the rabbit hole and into the Mad Hatter's Den "
SCORE: 9/10
Metal Brothers - 1.4.2016
"Una sorpresa muy agradable la de esta banda. Procedentes de Finlandia los Mad Hatter’s Den nos ofrecen este trabajo que combina diferentes texturas y todas ellas de gran calidad. Power metal, progresivo y metal melódico, influencias de lo más variadas desde Royal Hunt, Artension, Masterplan pasando por los Ark."
SCORE: 6,75/10
Made In Metal - 21.4.2016
"Not of this World, con la que finalizan, es una pieza de poco más de siete minutos, que inicia con ligeros aires folk y que llega a ser una composición puramente de metal progresivo. Una obra maestra. ¿Será ese el camino de la banda en el futuro? "
Rock Portaal - 26.4.2016
"Hoewel de kans bestaat dat er met zoveel invloeden in de muziek een allegaartje ontstaat, is dat op Excelsior niet het geval. Mad Hatter’s Den weet alle stijlen goed met elkaar te mengen."
Metal Reality - 2.4.2016
"The point is, Excelsior is living proof that some people in prog are still pushing the envelope, and that envelope holds a valentine for heavy."
Musika - 1.4.2016
"Dit is een meer dan aangename kennismaking geworden met dit Finse vijftal en ik raad dan ook elke fan van symfonische metal, progressieve metal en/of power metal aan om dit album te checken."
Kalle Rock Berlin - 28.3.2016
"Aber im Gesamten ist die Platte stark und sehr gut hörbar. Viel Abwechslung in den Stücken ist garantiert und wenn man sich auf die gewissen Klänge eingehört hat, dann überhört man vielleicht auch das Keyboard irgendwann. Macht Laune und ist empfehlenswert, was Mad Hatter´s Den hier bringen. "
Heavy Spot - 30.3.2016
"Mad Hatter's Den ist mit ihrem zweiten Album Excelsior ein großartiges Werk gelungen, das hoffentlich Wellen schlagen wird in der Community - man wünscht es ihnen auf jeden Fall. Technisch fast immer einwandfrei, melodisch sicher und in der Komposition wohlig-angenehm gibt es an Excelsior nur wenig auszusetzen."
Devils Gate Media - 1.4.2016
"I was worried I was going to hear a Maiden wannabe act but, I was proved very, very wrong. Their sound is superb and gets more deeper the more you listen"
Wings of Death - 8.4.2016
"Mad Hatter's Den brengt namelijk degelijke, klassieke, melodieuze power metal met een symfonische inslag."

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Mesta.net - 4.11.2013
"Welcome to the den on ehdottomasti yksi kuluvan vuoden parhaista julkaisuista."
SCORE: 4.5/5.0
Imperiumi.net - 28.10.2013
"Welcome To The Den tarjoaa kuulijalle varsin kelvollista materiaalia metallin monelta osa-alueelta. Bändi onnistuu yhdistämään vaivattoman oloisesti useamman eri tyylisuunnan, kuulostamatta kuitenkaan silti sekasotkulta, josta ei saisi millään tavalla otetta."
SCORE: 8+/10
Dangerdog - 18.10.2013 - ALBUM OF THE WEEK
"Finland's Mad Hatter's Den arrived last year to give the Scandinavian melodic metal scene a shot in the arm. Their short EP Dark Wheel was a fine measure of classic melodic heavy and power metal, showing the band's promise. The promise is fulfilled with their first long player, Welcome to the Den." SCORE 4.5/5.0"
SCORE: 4.5/5.0
Two Guys Metal Reviews - 19.10.2013
"Injecting the old formulas with new and powerful symphonic ideas Mad Hatter's Den is a dominating new heavy metal band whose stunning debut Welcome to the Den will melt your face off with its triumphant sound, more than just a power metal record Mad Hatter's Den have created something fresh and exciting with this new release."
Soundscape Magazine - 23.10.2013
"The album gets going with title track Welcome To The Den and what a welcome it is! With big strong vocals backed up with huge hooks, it’s a memorable start to the album due to its sheer catchiness, and you’ll find yourself humming along to it for days after hearing it for the first time."
SCORE: 9/10
23:58 Minutely Metal - 25.11.2013
"The Dark Wheel and Stone Cold Flame conclude the 50 minutes of heavy metal and I'm left, again, with a very positive vibe -- even more so than with the Dark Wheel EP. Mad Hatter's Den continue extremely strong on their path doing what they do best: damn good melodic heavy metal."
SCORE: 9/10
Ave Noctum - 13.11.2013
"In fact, I would go as far as to say that the level of song writing is very high indeed; from the thunderous guitar riffs, the multi-layered vocal harmonies, the well-constructed choruses and the great, classic guitar solos, this band really does have a talent for writing classic, yet epic heavy metal."
SCORE: 8/10
Twilight Magazin - 31.10.2013
"Mit Songs wie 'The Dark Wheel', 'Welcome To The Den', 'Sinister Monologue' (bärenstarker Song!) oder 'Blind Leading The Blind' werden hier wirklich starke Melodic Metal Titel abgeliefert."
SCORE: 13/15
Metalfan.nl - 8.11.2013
"Finnen weten over het algemeen wel hoe ze muziek moeten maken. En nog goed ook, zo blijkt uit alle lekkere Finse muziek die wij als hardrockers en metal liefhebbers regelmatig voorbij horen komen."
SCORE: 73 / 100

Dangerdog - 7.9.2012
"Sure, the EP is brief, and they should have had one more song (which is the only reason they didn‘t get a perfect score)."
SCORE: 4.5/5
Myglobalmind - 6.11.2012
"I don’t normally review many EP’s as I like to wait till a full product is furnished, but I felt these guys have something appealing growing in their metal pot"
SCORE 8/10
Lords Of Metal - 1.11.2012
"Mad Hatters Den is definitely a name to keep your eyes on in the future."
SCORE: 81/100
23:58 - 10.10.2012
"Iron Maiden are a clear influence here with the twin guitar harmonies and the trademarkedly galloping to an extent, followed up by some more generic straight-forward melodic heavy metal lines and a sweet scent of power metal. Add 70s-80s synth sounds in the mixture and we've arrived at Dark Wheel."
SCORE: 8/10
Imperiumi.net - 26.10.2012
"Suosittelen lämpimästi tutustumaan, jos brittimetallin uudempi aalto on kuljettanut aavalle tai mikäli oma kalenteri on vieläkin hieman kasariaikakaudelle painottunut." Album of the week 45 / viikon levy viikolla 45
SCORE: 9-/10
Kaaoszine - 13.11.2012
"Mad Hatter’s Den osoittaa tällä omakustanne-EP:llään olevansa valmis bändi. Itse uskon, että demoajat ovat ohi ja seuraavaksi on täyspitkän albumin aika."
SCORE: 8/10
Mesta.net - 22.11.2012
"Mad Hatter’s Denin debyytti on kansia myöden mainio hevilevy, joka jaksaa viihdyttää kuulijaansa useampaan otteeseen. "
SCORE: 4.5/5